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 Corporate Personality Development Program


  1. Self-disclosure – individual need identification and goal setting.
  2. Emotional Intelligence – understanding EI/EQ, tips on raising EQ for self. Uses of high EQ in adapting to the organization environment. Handling office and home pressures in a balanced manner.
  3. Business Communication Skills – Verbal, non-verbal, listening and written (email) communication skills. Concepts, tips and practice sessions to improve.
  4. Time Management Skills – Prioritization, identification & elimination of time wasters, weekly & daily planning and organizing.
  5. Leadership & Team Building Skills – Qualities to be imbibed in today’s corporate leadership. How be an effective team member and help achieve team goals.
  6. Relationship Management Skills – with customers & colleagues and conflict management.
  7. Stress Management Techniques – identifying and eliminating ones stress busters. Different techniques will be given for avoiding and handling the daily stressors.
  8. Negotiation Skills – how to handle and improve negotiation skills with customers, colleagues and seniors. Handling different personalities and negotiation techniques.
  9. Business & Social Etiquette – workplace, dressing, grooming, meeting, telephone and dining etiquette
  10. Cross Cultural Etiquette – global, US & UK culture. Cultural considerations for adapting and working with people from different nationalities. Do’s & Don’ts.

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