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 Corporate Softskills discloses the keys to success

No not like any other management book. It surpasses the rest—Corporate Softskills by Sarvesh Gulati, provides the keys to success and ways to enhance your personality. A comprehensive guideline for today’s corporate person, for whom success is mandatory but the route to it is obscure. The requirement to achieve the goal is tremendous effort, knowledge and skill. It requires a proper management and what can be a better guide than Corporate Softskills.

The book deals with key corporate skills required for - business communication, time management, leadership, teamwork, negotiation, improving emotional quotient, managing corporate stresses, managing customer relationships and building interpersonal relationships across cultures. The book also provides an insight into business and cross-cultural etiquette. The author has made a concerted effort to give practically implementable suggestions, which should be incorporated in ones routine.

Author Sarvesh Gulati has gone through similar period of corporate experiences where uncertainty and conflicting ideas infiltrate our psyche and blurs our vision. He pens down his experiences and ideas which he believes would help the people already working or those who wish to get into the business world to develop a successful corporate persona. These softskills are as important if not more than the functional skills we all need to do our jobs. And this book is a sincere effort to highlight the softskills required in a comprehensive manner.

Sarvesh Gulati is the managing director of Softspan (India) Pvt. Ltd. He is a practicing Softskills Trainer and is also a Management and Business Consultant. He has been conducting workshops on Corporate Softskills for the last seven years and has trained over 16,000 professionals. In a career spanning almost twenty years, Sarvesh has worked with CMC Ltd. as Manager - International Business Development; STG International as Vice-President (Marketing) and NetAcross as Vice-President (Marketing and Sales) before he established Softspan (India) Pvt. Ltd.


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